Journal of Nutritional Medicine and Dietary Research

Journal of Nutritional Medicine and Dietary Research is a peer-reviewed scientific publication related to the application of personalised dietary interventions, foods, dietary factors, and nutritional supplements in clinical practice.

The main topics covered include, but are not limited to: Dietary Interventions, Practice, Nutritional Guidelines, Nutrigenomics, Molecular Nutrition, Appetite, Diet and Disease, Dietary Intake, Dietary Surveys, Eating Disorders, Food Intake and Nutritional Status, Food Processing and Technology, Food, Macronutrients, Malnutrition, Metabolic Syndrome, Micronutrients, Nutrition and Food Health, Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition, Nutritional Epidemiology, Nutritional Status, Obesity, Vitamins, Weight Control, Weight Management.

All the articles accepted for publication are freely available online immediately.

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