Current trends in Industrial and Operations Research

Current Trends in Industrial and Operations Research is an Open Access, peer reviewed, academic Journal promoting the performance and efficiency of operational systems & Procedures and advance their rapid developments.

The Journal focuses upon publishing various aspects under the scope of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. The Journal mainly includes Topics such as Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Revenue Management, Financial Engineering, Risk Management, Entrepreneurship, General Management, Deterministic Models, Probability and Statistics, Stochastic Models, Simulation, Public Affairs, Modeling Skills, Develop the Ability to Build, Analyze, and Reason Logically With Models, Linear Programming, Network Flows, Dynamic Programming, Nonlinear Programming, Optimization and High-Performance Computing, Simplex Methods, Duality, Revised Simplex Method, Dual Simplex Method, Networks: Transportation Problem, Spanning Tree, Maximum Flow, Network Simplex Methods, Fundamentals of Probability Theory and Statistical Inference Used in Engineering and Applied Science; Random Variables, Useful Distributions, Expectations, Law of Large Numbers, Central Limit Theorem; Statistical Inference: Pint and Confidence Interval Estimation, Hypothesis Tests, Linear Regression, Discrete-Time Markov Chains, Random Walks, Continuous-Time Markov Chains, Poisson Processes, Birth-And-Death Processes, Renewal Processes, Renewal-Reward Processes, Brownian Motion and Geometric Brownian Motion, Queuing, Inventory and Finance, Generation of Random Numbers, Sampling from Given Distributions, Simulation of Discrete-Event Systems, Output Analysis, Variance Reduction Techniques, Goodness of Fit Tests, the Selection of Input Distributions, etc.

All the articles accepted for publication are freely available online immediately.

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